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Our services include playing for weddings, corporate functions and events, parties and celebrations, television commercials and studio recordings. We are also a performing concert ensemble and frequently supply musicians for orchestral concerts, shows and touring artists. Whether you are having a formal or informal occasion, indoors or outdoors, our music will delight you and your guests and create a unique atmosphere at your event.

Recommended for: concert, gypsy world music festival, party, corporate, wedding ceremony, 

The Lincan Ensemble Trio brings gypsy music straight from the heart. Hungarian, Romanian and salon music are among the styles played. The music is atmospheric and therefore ideal for an event or wedding. The trio consists of three top musicians and continues the tradition of gypsy orchestras in the Netherlands.
Instrumentation: violin, cymbal, double bass or piano
Genre: world music, gypsy music, salon music

Recommended for: concert, world music festival, corporate, party.


The Lincan Ensemble Quartet, consisting of four musicians, brings more volume into the music and easily approaches different music styles. From classical lyrical music to gypsy music, from ambient music to improvised jazz music.
Instrumentation: violin, piano, cymbal, double bass
Genre: world music, gypsy music, salon music

recommended for: concert or jazz festival

The French guitarist Max Robin and his Parisian jazz orchestra put a special jazz project on stage together with cimbalom player Giani Lincan with their own original compositions. A unique instrumental combination featuring cymbal, guitar, violin, clarinet and battery. "It is music that crosses the stylistic walls in the name of the universal desire to sing, swing and improvise on beautiful original compositions. Orchestration: violin, guitar, clarinet, cymbal, double bass, drums.Genre: jazz


Recommended for: home concert, classical music festival, party

You are looking for something spectacular for your event?

Giani Lincan Trio offers you a cimbalom show with songs from classical music. From classical lyrical melodies to music of virtuosity. 

Orchestration: cimbalom, piano, double bass

Genre: classical, world music

Recommended for: classical music festival, concert.

Are you organizing a concert or festival of classical music soon? We recommend Giani Lincan and the string orchestra. A 90-minute music program with the most spectacular show of cymbal and string orchestra. View our video clips and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
Orchestration: soloist (cimbalom) + quintet (violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, double bass) or full string orchestra (13 people).

Genre: classical music, world music

recommended for: concert, gypsy festival, wedding, party, corporate.

The Lincan Ensemble presents the theme '' GYPSY PARTY ''. Music, dance and goodwill in the spirit of the gypsy culture. Five musicians and four gypsy dancers who create the perfect atmosphere for this gypsy party. You listen to the most beautiful gypsy songs and you see the color of the gypsy dance leading you to a free world. Let your guests enjoy the great gipsy theme at your event. This would be an unforgettable unique moment in your event.

Orchestration: singer, violin, accordeon, cimbalom, double bass. Genre: world music, gypsy music.

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